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All applicants must be Male ages 16-24 years of age.

Acknowledgements: Specific Upload only one (1) link or file via this oform to be enrolled in the virtual audition audition process.


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Acknowledgements: Specific rules regarding employment of Minors in Entertainment, such as definitions, age, hours of participation, and educational requirements can be found Under state law,  New Jersey work permit is required for minors to be employed in the entertainment industry. Child labor in the entertainment industry is regulated in New Jersey law, under Sec. 34:2-21.59.


The following are required for minor employment in entertainment: Parental consent, good health, workplace approved by DOL, minor under direct care of adult named in application, not attending public school, receiving approved instruction, and not during summer vacation. The number of performances and hours permitted are specified by law. In addition to laws specifically regulating minors employed in the entertainment industry, New Jersey law has a variety of regulations that cover child labor in general. To learn more, see New Jersey child labor laws.


I, the undersigned, as evidenced by my electronic signature, hereby attest that I am of lawful age; that I am the applicant or authorized signer for the applicant; that the information provided herein above, to my knowledge is true and correct; that I have reviewed, the New Jersey child labor laws concerning Minors in Entertainment. I acknowledge and understand that the filling of false information may make me subject to penalties and automatic disqualification from participating in the Virtual Casting Auditions.