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DNX Entertainment Music Group, LLC. Has the sole and exclusive right to determine eligibility and to disqualify me from the Casting/Contest at their sole discretion.

In order to potentially participate in the casting/contest, I acknowledge that I reviewed the eligibility requirement and that:

  1. I am 16 years of age with parent permission.
  2. I sing in both Spanish and English.
  • I am a United States Citizen or a legal permanent resident alien, and I possess a current employment authorization card (EAD card) at the present time and during the audition.
  1. I understand that prior to any live shows performance(s), I will be required to present current employment authorization or proof of adequate visa status in the United States.
  2. DNX Entertainment Music Group, LLC., will have the sole discretion to accept or deny my immigration/employment status in the United States. I further acknowledge to fully cooperate with DNX Entertainment Music Group, LLC., to deliver and complete any documentation necessary to establish my identity and eligibility. I further acknowledge this is an ongoing responsibility and will notify DNX Entertainment Music Group, LLC. In writing if my legal status in the United States changes at any time.
  3. In order to induce DNX Entertainment Music Group, LLC. To consider my potential participation in Casting/Contest, I represent I have no present legal obligation that would prevent me from participating in the casting/contest or to be a member of the musical group DNX 4 (including but limited to management, production, or recording contracts). I further acknowledge that if I am selected by DNX Entertainment Music Group, LLC., to participate in casting/contest I will receive no compensation for my performance(s) and that this is not an offer of employment.

I understand and agree that DNX Entertainment Music Group, LLC., has the right to change in it’s sole discretion any eligibility requirement(s) at any time and without notice. I hereby warrant and represent that I have read the above eligibility requirements and that I meet all of the requirements listed.