Effective January 4 , 2022



Below you will find a list that contains many of the usual questions pertaining to registration. Answers given below here should solve most of the issues you may face during registration.
If you cannot find an answer, you can write to DNX.Support@DNX4.com and a representative will assist you.

Welcome Page and System Entrance

Q: What browsers can I use to register?
A: The registration system works best on Google Chrome browser. It also supports Firefox (version 3.5 and newer), Internet Explorer (version 10 and newer), and Safari.

Filling the Form

Q: I am clicking on Next to go to the next step, but the system won’t let me.
A: The system allows progressing to the next step only after all mandatory questions (marked with a red star) were answered. Scroll up to find the missing answer – It will be marked with a red message, such as: This field is mandatory.

Q: I haven’t finished answering all the questions. Can I save my work and continue later?
A:  No! You cannot Continue Later! We have made it very simple and time efficient in order for you to complete registration once you have begun.

Media Upload

Q: I am trying to upload a video but I get the following message: “Max file size 20MB”.
A: Video upload is limited to 20MB per video. Please upload a smaller video.


Or contact our support mailbox: DNX.Support@DNX4.com